Supercharging Your Content Management Stack with MongoDB & Elasticsearch

Thierry Delprat, Chief Technical Officer, Nuxeo

Thu. Oct. 29, 2015 6:30pm
New York City
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Thierry Delprat

Chief Technical Officer, Nuxeo

Supercharging Your Content Management Stack with MongoDB & Elasticsearch

Content repository technologies have evolved over the years and have migrated from Object Databases to SQL and then have begun to leverage NoSQL technologies. NoSQL enables a full range of new solutions, including hybrid SQL + NoSQL architecture.

This presentation explains the technical and design choices required to keep a content repository up-to-date and able to address the challenges of today's projects.

We will cover:

  • Brief introduction on content repositories, their unique goals and challenges as well as their main use cases in the field
  • Limitations when faced with traditional SQL databases, including problematic use-cases
  • Integration of Elasticsearch and MongoDB as part of the storage infrastructure, including the challenges and motivations for selecting this type of architecture.
  • Hybrid storage architecture benchmark results and real life feedback

Thierry Delprat

Chief Technical Officer,

Thierry Delprat joined Nuxeo in 2005, just in time to handle the migration of the platform from Python to Java. Now as CTO, he guides the architectural development of the Nuxeo Platform.

Prior to joining Nuxeo, Thierry worked for over 7 years at Unilog/Logica, with progressively senior experience across different branches of the consulting company with a focus on Collaboration, Content Management and open source solutions.

He was also a technical architect at Cryo-Networks (infrastructure for online games). Thierry graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Nantes and holds a Master of Telecommunications.

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