Graph Databases: What You Can Do With Them & What the Future Holds

Andreas Kollegger, Senior Product Designer, Neo4j

Tue. May 24, 2016 6:30pm
New York City
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Andreas Kollegger

Senior Product Designer, Neo4j

Graph Databases: What You Can Do With Them & What the Future Holds

In this talk, you will learn the fundamentals of graph database technology and how to leverage its power to gain new insights from your data. We will also explore the next wave of graph technology and discuss what to expect in the future of scalable graph databases.

The ability to make connections in the world around us is a fundamental advantage of our humanity. The more efficiently we can make sense of the things around us, the stronger/faster/better we can be.

Now, imagine applying that thinking to your business and using those data-relationships to make connections between individual data records, thus transforming the data that you already have into something much more powerful.

When you store data as a network of interconnected relationships, new insights arise that were not previously possible with traditional data-stores. As a result, data is transformed so that recommendations become more precise, network dependencies are mapped and tracked in real time, and it becomes the norm to have 360 degree views of a customer.

Andreas Kollegger

Senior Product Designer,

Andreas Kollegger is a technological humanist. Starting at NASA, Andreas designed systems from scratch to support science missions. Then, in Zambia, he built medical informatics systems that complement technology with social good. Now with Neo4j, he is democratizing graph databases that elevate understanding by emphasizing relationships. He currently heads the Product Design team at Neo4j.

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