Making Sense of Medicare Data: From Mining to Analytics

Luc Pezet, Information Engineer, Archway Health Advisors

Tue. May 12, 2015 6:30pm
New York City
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Luc Pezet

Information Engineer, Archway Health Advisors

Making Sense of Medicare Data: From Mining to Analytics

accompanied by

Dr. Flavio Villanustre,
LexisNexis VP of Technology Architecture & Product
(and former neurosurgeon)


Rodrigo Pastrana,
Consulting Software Engineer

Medicare's Bundled Payments for Care Initiative (BPCI) is the largest Medicare payment innovation program. Bundled payments involve paying a 'package price' for all the services required to treat an episode of care. Unlike the current 'fee for service' model, providers will assume financial risk and have financial incentives to improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

Currently, more than 5,000 providers have applied to this program, representing $47 billion of Medicare spending.

Archway Health Advisors is building a platform that helps providers like hospitals and nursing homes manage their bundled payments program. Analyzing complex Medicare claims payment data is critical to understanding the risks of participating in the bundled payment program.

We are using the open source HPCC Systems platform to power the data management and analytics required to successfully manage the risks and look for care improvement opportunities. In this presentation, we will review our HPCC Systems implementation and provide some examples of the analysis that we are providing our customers.

Luc Pezet

Information Engineer,
Archway Health Advisors

Luc Pezet is a Solution and Software Architect with over 10 years of experience in pioneering web analytic tools and complex data management projects. His expertise includes designing and implementing Big Data solution to process millions of data inputs on a daily basis to monitor, assess and improve performance.

Luc is a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of Tripfilms, the largest database of travel videos on the web.

He also has served as interim CTO for The Achievement Network (ANET), a non-profit education company that helps schools use assessment data to improve student performance. At ANET, he implemented web tools for staff to help scale their operations and end-user web sites for teachers and principals to access reports and analysis. Within just a few years, this platform has helped ANET grow from 13 schools in the Boston area to over 480 schools and 145,000 students across 10 states. ANET has been recognized as a pioneer in education innovation and was named 'New Schools Ventures Organization of the Year' in 2011.

Luc holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Rennes University in France.

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