How To Update Your RDBMS-Data Into A Modern SQL + NoSQL Environment

Jim Scott, Director of Enterprise Strategy & Architecture, Mapr

Tue. May 3, 2016 6:30pm
New York City
Free swag giveaways, beer/drinks, junk food and lots more!

Jim Scott

Director of Enterprise Strategy & Architecture, Mapr

How To Update Your RDBMS-Data Into A Modern SQL + NoSQL Environment

For the past 25 years, applications have been getting built using an RDBMS with a predefined schema which forces data to conform with a schema on-write. Many people still think that they must use an RDBMS for applications even though records in their datasets have no relation to one another. Additionally, RDBMS databases are typically optimized for transactional use, and data must be exported for analytics purposes. NoSQL technologies have turned that model on its side to deliver groundbreaking performance improvements.

In this presentation, we will walk through a music database with over 100 tables in the schema and show how to convert that model over for use with a NoSQL database.

You will learn how to handle creating, updating and deleting records, using column families for different types of data (and why).

You will also learn how to leverage Apache Drill's ANSI-SQL capabilities on the NoSQL database to use the exact same data without moving or transforming it to perform analytics.

Jim Scott

Director of Enterprise Strategy & Architecture,

James A. Scott (who prefers to go by Jim) is Director of Enterprise Strategy & Architecture at MapR Technologies and is very active in the Hadoop community. Jim helped build the Hadoop community in Chicago as cofounder of the Chicago Hadoop Users Group. He has implemented Hadoop at three different companies, supporting a variety of enterprise use cases from managing Points of Interest for mapping applications, to Online Transactional Processing in advertising, as well as full data center monitoring and general data processing.

Jim also was the SVP of Information Technology and Operations at SPINS, the leading provider of retail consumer insights, analytics reporting and consulting services for the Natural and Organic Products industry.

Additionally, Jim served as Lead Engineer/Architect for Conversant (formerly Dotomi), one of the world's largest and most diversified digital marketing companies, and also held software architect positions at several companies including Aircell, NAVTEQ, and Dow Chemical. Jim speaks at many industry events around the world on big data technologies and enterprise architecture. When he's not solving business problems with technology, Jim enjoys cooking, watching-and-quoting movies and spending time with his wife and kids.

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