Using Redis to Create a Blazing Fast API App

Tung Nguyen, Sr. Director of Engineering, Bleacher Report

Mon. Oct. 6, 2014 5:30pm
New York City
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Tung Nguyen

Sr. Director of Engineering, Bleacher Report

Using Redis to Create a Blazing Fast API App

Learn how to build a highly scalable, highly available, top-performing application with sub-60ms response times using Redis, the open-source in-memory NoSQL database.

This session will cover lessons-learned while implementing a Redis API App at the Bleacher Report, including:

  • Why Bleacher Report needed to build an API app
  • How to leverage Redis operations and methods
  • Issues and solutions with building an API service with Redis
  • Characteristics of Redis that make it an ideal platform for Bleacher Report's core critical infrastructure component

Tung Nguyen

Sr. Director of Engineering,
Bleacher Report

Tung Nguyen is the first non-founder employee at Bleacher Report. and now Senior Director of Engineering.

Over the years, it's been quite an experience and adventure. Tung has scaled Bleacher Report from an obscure website pulling in 50k uniques a month to a household name and being the 2nd largest sports site in the world. It has been an intense ride over the years and the engineering challenges have been extremely rewarding.

On a more tactical level, what does Tung actually do?

Tung does a little bit of everything. Tung has ran and led the backend team, Tung has ran and led the QA team, Tung has ran and led the DevOps team and now Tung is running and leading the entire Bleacher Report engineering team. Ultimately, Tung is a developer at heart. He probably still codes way too much given his daily responsibilities, which is why other engineers catch him sneaking in his coding late at night.

Some of Tung's github projects:

    Lono: A DSL for Cloud Formation Template ruby generator based on ERB templates. B/R ops team uses it to sanely manage and run over 250 CloudFormation stacks. A few other companies are using it with features that Tung has built specifically for their use cases
    Elb: A tool to gracefully restarts an app server without affecting users by deregistering the instance from the elb, restarting it and registering it back to the elb.
    Thor template: Generator that builds a starter cli project which is based on thor. Created to help ops teams build tooling rapidly and consistently.
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