Using Redis to Create a Blazing Fast Mobile App

Lukas Sliwka, CTO, Grindr

Tue. Apr. 21, 2015 6:30pm
New York City
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Lukas Sliwka

CTO, Grindr

Using Redis to Create a Blazing Fast Mobile App

Network and data access latency can kill mobile app performance. This problem is even more difficult to solve when building a mobile application that needs global availability. Grindr, a leading mobile dating app used by millions of people in over 200 countries, overcame a series of performance challenges which enabled us to bring our service as close to our customers as possible.

In this TechTalk you will learn:

    • How network and data access latency can devastate your application.
    • How to architect your mobile cloud architecture using Redis to provide the best performance in all countries around the world.
    • How managed services can help in achieve globally scalable mobile cloud architecture.

Lukas Sliwka


Grindr's CTO, Lukas Sliwka is a thirty-something technologist who's lived and worked in many different places around the world including Europe, Canada, and both coasts of the US.

Lukas has a background in software engineering, agile methodologies, and agile transformation. He loves the disruptive nature of technology and seeks any opportunity to change the status quo.

He recently joined Grindr to further its geo-social mobile platform and how it impacts the dating world.

Lukas has also held key roles at Beachbody, Yamaha and Mazda.

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