How to Go Serverless to Enable Faster and Simpler Analytics

Yaron Haviv, CTO & Co-Founder, iguazio

Thu. Nov. 30, 2017 6:30pm
New York City
Free food, beer, drinks, swag & much more!

Yaron Haviv

CTO & Co-Founder, iguazio

How to Go Serverless to Enable Faster and Simpler Analytics

Being serverless allows developers to focus on building and running applications without worrying about managing servers, as server provisioning and maintenance are all taken care of behind the scenes. However, when serverless meets big data, and it is used for analytics tasks such as stream processing and AI inferencing, performance becomes too slow and lacks sufficient integration with data and event sources.

New open source serverless platforms like nuclio are changing that by offering 100x performance, integrated stream/data processing capabilities and support for a large variety of data sources.

In this session, Yaron Haviv will provide an overview of the various serverless platforms and how they can be used for analytics and AI use-cases. Yaron will use the nuclio open source serverless platform to illustrate how functions are built from a simple 'Hello World' through real-time stream processing, deep-learning, ETL tasks and multi-stage workflows, and all with no infrastructure setup and only minimal coding. He will demonstrate how to develop and test a function on a laptop and then with a single command deploy it in the cloud or on an edge device, as well as how to perform upgrades and manage CI/CD pipelines.

Check out nuclio on Github to read about its unique architecture.

Yaron Haviv

CTO & Co-Founder,

Yaron Haviv is a serial entrepreneur who has deep technological experience in the fields of big data, cloud, storage and networking.

Prior to iguazio, Haviv was the Vice President of Datacenter Solutions at Mellanox, where he led technology innovation, software development and solution integrations. Haviv was the key driver of open source initiatives and new solutions with leading database and storage vendors, enterprise organizations, cloud and Web 2.0 customers.

Before Mellanox, Haviv was the CTO and Vice President of R&D at Voltaire, a high performance, computing, IO and networking company. Haviv often speaks at big data and cloud technology events.

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