Semantic SQL: How to Leverage SQL Superpowers with a SQL Knowledge Graph

Dan Weitzner, VP R&D and Co-Founder,

Tue. May 26, 2020 6:30pm
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Dan Weitzner

VP R&D and Co-Founder,

Semantic SQL: How to Leverage SQL Superpowers with a SQL Knowledge Graph

The knowledge revolution has reached the SQL world, and it will change it forever!

Join us at this action-packed event where you will learn all about semantic SQL knowledge graphs, why they will change the SQL world forever, and how data-sector professionals like you can benefit from it.

Big data is complex! It has variety and is difficult to manage, so organizations typically only use a fraction of the data that they store. Throughout typical enterprises there are many thousands of tables that need to be connected to each other in order to derive meaningful insights using ever more complex analytics. Representing the connected world by describing relationships and their contextual information makes everything better, especially when machines need to understand each other by agreeing on the common meanings of the data that they store. It is also enormously helpful when utilizing artificial intelligence to make use of big data, to develop deep learning algorithms, train machine learning models and make other innovative uses of your data.

With relational databases and SQL it is a challenge to represent and derive knowledge from tables, columns and rows. Besides the complexities of union and join statements on SQL queries, you cannot easily visualize and explore tables and columns as connected data. In addition, there is no such thing in SQL as an abstract concept to represent a common meaning of columns in separate tables or databases.

The semantic SQL revolution has arrived and makes everything better, enabling relational databases to represent actual knowledge using SQL Knowledge Graphs.

Join us in this event to learn:

  • How any SQL-fluent professional can implement a SQL Knowledge Graph in a short time directly on top of an existing database without needing to add infrastructure, move data or do ETL operations
  • How SQL query length gets reduced by up to 90% by utilizing semantics
  • How to query hundreds of tables at once in standard SQL without union or join statements
  • How you can empower analysts by seamlessly connecting SQL Knowledge Graphs to any BI tool

PLUS: we will also include hands-on demos of real-life use cases where you can see for yourself the power of visualizing and exploring relational data as connected data in a graph.

Dan Weitzner

VP R&D and Co-Founder,

Dan co-founded and leads the software development team at He has been developing software and database infrastructure for over 10 years.

Together with his co-founders and development team at, Dan helped to develop a breakthrough technology that empowers any database with reasoning capabilities and brings knowledge graphs to the masses.

Dan has extensive experience as a full-stack software developer and leader of cross-functional teams. He is a graduate of the Data Scientist program at the Technion-Israel's Institute of Technology and earned his B.Sc. Computer Science at FAU.

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