Unifying SQL and NoSQL: Intro to Akiban

Ari Weil, Product Manager, Akiban

Wed. Nov. 14, 2012 2:00pm EST
Online Webinar
For each person who attends this FREE event, a $10 donation will be made to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort

Ari Weil

Product Manager, Akiban

Unifying SQL and NoSQL: Intro to Akiban

For each person who attends this FREE event, a $10 donation will be made in your name to the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. The donation is courtesy of Akiban and matched by the NYC MySQL Group

Huge growth of data volumes, variety, and velocity - the "three Vs" of Big Data, have stressed the traditional relational database. Scalability and performance limitations, coupled with an inability to effectively handle unstructured or semi-structured data, have given rise to many new classes of databases and related technologies, from NoSQL databases, to Hadoop, to analytic databases and more.

Each class has its ideal use case and its own drawbacks. NoSQL databases, for example, typically provide outstanding scalability and performance, but put the burden on application developers or sophisticated data scientists for complex analytics. They also lack the data consistency and reliability that RDBMSs are known for. Classic RDBMSs provide data reliability, ACID properties and simpler SQL access, but most are unable to scale to Big Data volumes or handle the variety of data organizations now need to store and access.

Akiban addresses the data complexity challenge through a patented architecture that unifies NoSQL and SQL into one simplified structure. Deployed alongside an existing SQL database with no change to code, architecture or infrastructure, Akiban accelerates existing queries 10-100x so that businesses can gain instant insights into their operations without the need for expensive extract-transform-load projects while embracing new types of data - social, local, mobile, big data - to add compelling and competitive new features.

What you'll learn from attending this 45-minute webinar:

  • An introduction to Akiban
  • How Akiban combines SQL and NoSQL technologies
  • Demo of running Akiban alongside a pre-existing database implementation
  • Current customer use-cases and benchmarks
  • New features and modules being developed for Akiban

Ari Weil

Product Manager,

Ari is Product Manager and covers markets, projects and product direction. Prior to Akiban, Ari worked as product manager for Quest Software's application and database performance management products. He has a Bachelor's from The Ohio State University.