Resolving the Cloud Database Crisis: Simplicity vs. Complexity

Barry Morris, Founder and CEO, NuoDB & Seth Procter, Chief Engineer, NuoDB

Thu. Nov. 15, 2012 6:30pm
New York City
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Barry Morris

Founder and CEO, NuoDB & Seth Procter, Chief Engineer, NuoDB

Resolving the Cloud Database Crisis: Simplicity vs. Complexity

We are in the midst of a database crisis.

Traditional databases have the power of SQL and the reliability of ACID guarantees. But... they don't scale on modern data center architectures.

To mitigate the inadequacies of traditional SQL solutions for use in the Cloud, developers are forced to perform "unnatural acts" to their databases -e.g., buying bigger and bigger hardware, sharding, caching, master/slave replication, clustering and database schema de-normalization. To name just a few.

What about NoSQL databases? They have been designed to scale. But... they put an undue burden on the developer to program into the application the powerful querying features normally found in SQL. Plus, NoSQL software tends to lack ACID guarantees that are commonplace and necessary in today's databases.

In either case, the database becomes a bottleneck to successfully scaling out/in in the cloud without making costly compromises.

This cloud dilemma has forced the need for a complete redesign of database management systems. This need is becoming more pressing as new web-scale apps are developed and existing databases are moved to the cloud.

Attend this session (not a company sales pitch!) to see what a cloud database must be and to understand where SQL is headed. An introductory discussion of the crisis will be followed by a demonstration of the scalability, simplicity and reliability of a true 21st century database! 100% SQL, 100% ACID, 100% elastically scalable.

Barry Morris

Founder and CEO,
NuoDB & Seth Procter,
Chief Engineer,

Barry Morris is an accomplished software CEO with over 25 years of industry experience in the USA and Europe, running private and public companies ranging in scale from early startup phase to 1,000+ employees. He loves to build companies around industry-changing paradigm-shifts in technology.

Prior to co-founding NuoDB, Inc. with CTO Jim Starkey (among Jim's innovations: BLOB datatype, MySQL Falcon storage engine, Interbase, MVCC, Netfrastructure, etc.), Barry was CEO of StreamBase Systems, where he took an MIT project led by Dr. Michael Stonebraker (main architect of Ingres & Postgres, CTO of VoltDB) and built it into the market pioneer and leader in Complex Event Processing (CEP). Before then, he was the CEO of IONA Technologies, Ireland's most successful software company with over 10,000 customers, 270 technology partners, and over $180m in revenues.

Barry was born in South Africa and has lived for extended periods in England, Ireland, and Boston, MA. He has a Degree in Engineering from New College Oxford University, and an Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the IMCA.

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