Big Data Analytics for Financial Services: 10 Ways You Will Get Addicted to SQL!

Nikita Ogievetsky, Head of Solutions Engineering, Xcalar

Tue. June 4, 2019 6:30pm
New York City
Free T-shirts, wine & beer and pizza PLUS win a Beats Wireless PowerBeats Pro!

Nikita Ogievetsky

Head of Solutions Engineering, Xcalar

Big Data Analytics for Financial Services: 10 Ways You Will Get Addicted to SQL!

Big Data is hard. Complex business logic transformations across large, high velocity volumes of data often requires specialists and highly skilled experts.

Learn how to use an intuitive SQL IDE to democratize big data and empower database developers and analysts to build complex data pipelines that were previously only achievable with Spark and similar platforms. Just think of the possibilities!

Join Nikita Ogievetsky, a 20-year veteran of the Financial Services sector turned Xcalar's Head of Solutions Engineering, to see how you can simplify and accelerate the data computing needs of the financial industry, and how those gains can help you out as well!

Top 5 Reasons why you need to attend:

  • Free food, wine, fun trivia and SWAG!
  • Learn how to detect fraudulent trading, and extract knowledge graphs from legal documents
  • See real-world use-cases how a MAJOR investment bank realized a 10x TCO reduction as well as performance improvements on its analytics
  • Experience a unique visual design, integrating SQL and structured programming paradigms that accelerate the ability to develop, test and operationalize big data analytics
  • You can win the hot new Powerbeats Pro wireless earbud headphones from Beats by Dr. Dre!

Nikita Ogievetsky

Head of Solutions Engineering,

Nikita is the Head of Solutions Engineering for Xcalar and specializes in delivering complex analytics solutions for Fortune 100 companies, with a primary focus on the Financial Services sector.

In addition to earning advanced degrees in Physics and Maths, Nikita has over two decades of experience in both leading and building advanced analytics systems at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and many other reputable firms.

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