A Streaming Journey of Oracle to Hadoop/NoSQL based on a major US Bank's story

Michael Elkin, Co-Founder & COO, DBS-H

Tue. June 11, 2019 6:30pm
New York City
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Michael Elkin

Co-Founder & COO, DBS-H

A Streaming Journey of Oracle to Hadoop/NoSQL based on a major US Bank's story

Everyone is talking about how the free flow of data in real time is the most important key success factor for an enterprise today. And yet, in most enterprises, the key business data is still in "lock down", held captive by their Oracle gatekeeper (or similar database) and data flow is at-best based on old-fashioned batch-oriented, massively intrusive and delayed-delivery ETL routines.

However, enterprises can have their cake and eat it too by using real-time SQL to big data/cloud transaction streaming technology. They can enjoy the business benefits of Oracle-based legacy systems while democratizing key business data simultaneously, to be consumed in real-time by enterprise units using whatever big data engine they decide best suits their business needs.

Maintaining legacy key business systems is necessary so that the enterprise can continue to thrive, but at the same time the data that is created and stored in these systems should be free to run, take on new forms and deliver competitive advantage far and above what was ever possible before.

Come and learn how you can do that at this information-packed event, and you will soon become the superstar at your enterprise!

In this session, we will discuss:

  • CDC vs ETL approach: what is the best way to achieve non-intrusive, real time transaction streaming from core SQL databases
  • LIVE DEMO on the diversity of targets: how a single SQL transaction can be pushed into non-relational targets such as Hadoop (Kafka, HBASE, Hive) or NoSQL engines like MongoDB, Neo4j and Elasticsearch.
  • Enabling converged-cloud by streaming from an AWS Oracle RDS source to another region, or even to another cloud like Azure CosmosDB
  • LIVE DEMO of Oracle feeding the public cloud: real time streaming from Oracle on-premise to the public cloud using AWS S3 and Google BigQuery
  • Lessons learned and technology enhancements including:
    • Ultra-fast streaming to Kafka without waiting for Oracle commit
    • Hbase secondary indexes and Hive external tables envelope
    • Data compare and delta sync with internal conflict resolution
    • Neo4j: from referential constraints to graph relations
  • The true "BigData" story from a top US bank transitioning from streaming technology as an enabler to a successful BigData project

Michael Elkin

Co-Founder & COO,

Michael Elkin is the co-founder and chief technical lead at DBS-H Ltd. Michael leads customer operations and development of the DBS-H streaming engine that is based on a cutting edge CDC technology.

Michael is a database professional with more than 15 years of experience with different database technologies.

He started as Oracle DBA at Amdocs where Michael was responsible for performance tuning some of the largest databases in the Telco industry, early adaption of Oracle RAC on Linux as well as implementation and benchmarks of CDC products like Shareplex and GoldenGate.

As a senior database professional and architect at Cisco, Michael has led projects on Oracle BI integration, adoption of MongoDB as well as database integration in AWS cloud.

Michael can be found on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/mielkin

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