Hybrid Databases: The Yin & Yang of Transactional and Analytical Processing

Gregory Dorman, VP of Analytics, MariaDB

Tue. June 25, 2019 6:30pm
New York City
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Gregory Dorman

VP of Analytics, MariaDB

Hybrid Databases: The Yin & Yang of Transactional and Analytical Processing

In this action-packed presentation, we will discuss the challenges involved in handling a wide spectrum of workloads and how you can solve them by leveraging unique and adaptive multi-storage engine architectures to create a true hybrid database system.

Using a number of specialized engines, each with its own secret sauce, and collaborating in real time, you can build a hybrid database system that supports modern business needs and associated application patterns without requiring costly, fragile and overcomplicated custom architectures - saving both time and money.

Separating transactional and analytical processing has become a totally old-school antiquated approach that is no longer acceptable. Modern digital businesses, and the applications needed to run them, require support of rapid data-driven decision-making within increasingly-complex business environments that need answers to data-driven questions in a timely manner.

This instills the need for the database to handle a wide spectrum of workloads, from huge volumes of miniscule transactions predominantly inserting data (i.e. IoT) to operational loads with many concurrent transactions and a high proportion of updates, to analytical loads of large and complex queries traversing large numbers of rows with complex filtering, aggregation and calculation.

You need a hybrid database to do all this effectively; come and enjoy this presentation, where you will learn all about hyrbid databases and how you can benefit from all the gains that it provides!

Gregory Dorman

VP of Analytics,

Gregory Dorman is VP of Analytics at MariaDB Corporation.

Prior to joining MariaDB, Gregory served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of iWay Software, a division of Information Builders, a provider of data integration, data quality and data mastering tools and technologies.

He has also previously worked as Chief Software Architect for BusinessObjects.

Gregory has formerly served as Vice President of Engineering for Oracle Corporation, where he worked on developing and enhancing the analytical capabilities of the Oracle database; in particular, integrating OLAP and OLTP engines, as well as inventing and designing analytical extensions to SQL.

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