GPU Databases: How To Use Them and What The Future Holds

Ami Gal, CEO & Co-Founder, SQream with Joel Sehr, VP, SQream

Wed. Nov. 8, 2017 6:30pm
New York City
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Ami Gal

CEO & Co-Founder, SQream with Joel Sehr, VP, SQream

GPU Databases: How To Use Them and What The Future Holds

GPU databases are the hottest new thing, with about 7 different companies producing their own variant. In this session, we will discuss why they were created, how they are already disrupting the database world, and what the future of computing holds for them.

During this action-packed event we will demonstrate how the power of NVIDIA GPUs can be leveraged to both accelerate speed to insight and to scale the amount of hot and warm data analyzed to meet the increasing demands of data scientists and business intelligence professionals alike, as well as to find tactical and strategic insights with greater speed on exponentially growing datasets.

Organizations commonly believe that they are advancing in analytical capabilities due to the rise in the data science profession and the myriad of technologies available for analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, if you do the math, they are actually falling behind as the increases in the rates of data collection volume far outpace the rate of increases in hot and warm data used for analytics. This is causing organizations to rely on an ever-decreasing percentage of their information assets for decision making.

At this fun'tastic event, Ami Gal, CEO and Co-Founder of SQream, will talk about why GPU databases were created and share what sets SQream apart from other GPU databases, MPP solutions, in memory and Hadoop based analytic alternatives.

Ami will also outline how an organization can use GPU databases to thrive in the information revolution by using a significantly greater percentage of its data for analytical purposes, obtaining insights that are desired today, and will remain cost-effective into the next few years when data lakes are expected to balloon from petabytes to exabytes.

Ami Gal

CEO & Co-Founder,
SQream with Joel Sehr,

Ami Gal is co-founder and CEO of SQream Technologies. He is a true entrepreneur at heart with over 20 years of hands-on technology experience and executive management of startups.

Ami has created several substantial new businesses related to high performance and complex data integration environments. Among these successes was Manov, a company he co-founded, which developed massive data-centric call center and CRM solutions. Magic Software Enterprises acquired Manov's solution which enabled the company to execute a successful secondary public offering for the company on NASDAQ.

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