Big Data Analytics with MariaDB ColumnStore

David Thompson, VP of Engineering, MariaDB

Wed. Nov. 1, 2017 6:30pm
New York City
Free beer, food, fun, freebies + win an HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System!

David Thompson

VP of Engineering, MariaDB

Big Data Analytics with MariaDB ColumnStore

Recently, MariaDB has expanded by adding MariaDB ColumnStore, a columnar storage engine that supports a wide variety of analytic use cases.

MariaDB ColumnStore provides high performance through parallel and distributed data loading and query execution. Based on MariaDB Server, it enables you to process big data analytics with the power of SQL while sporting enterprise grade security and the freedom of open source.

In this presentation, we will provide you with an introduction to the capabilities available in MariaDB ColumnStore and discuss various use cases.

In the next major version of MariaDB ColumnStore (about to be released!) you will gain the ability to stream data sources through a bulk data loading SDK, as well as the ability to support text and blob types, user defined aggregate and window functions, and much more! Learn all about the capabilities of MariaDB ColumnStore at this exciting presentation.

David Thompson

VP of Engineering,

David Thompson is VP of Engineering, North America for MariaDB Corporation. David oversees development of MariaDB's analytics, sharding and tooling.

Prior to MariaDB, David worked at a hosted big data sales analytics startup C9 which was acquired by

David started his career at Oracle working on tools, data warehousing and integration. Following that he worked at several database tool and SAAS companies. David was born in Scotland and received his Bachelors in Software Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

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