Why Enterprises Still Use Relational Databases & Why Startups Should Take Note!

Max Mether, Field CTO, MariaDB

Tue. June 13, 2017 6:30pm
New York City
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Max Mether

Field CTO, MariaDB

Why Enterprises Still Use Relational Databases & Why Startups Should Take Note!

In this action-packed presentation, MariaDB Chief Product Officer, Roger Bodamer, will review and answer questions regarding the big innovations happening with relational databases and MariaDB including:

  • How to leverage database functionality to match increasingly complex data needs as data evolves
  • Maximizing extensible architecture to best address a broad set of use cases
  • A sneak peak at the MariaDB roadmap

The pendulum of the database industry is starting to swing away from NoSQL and back towards relational databases. Organizations of all size are taking advantage of the relational database's workhorse ability and its improved capabilities for handling larger and more complex data.

For startups, relational databases provide ease of use and broad functionality that scales to operations at every stage, from early development to mature company.

For the largest industry players, shifting technical demands and requirements have led to many non-relational database providers adopting SQL-esque interfaces in an attempt to address the general purpose needs of the enterprise, veering away from the highly specialized approach that NoSQL is known for.

All companies, from startup to large enterprises, weigh their options in choosing the right database for their needs, and relational databases continue to be the most advantageous choice in the majority of usage situations.

Don't miss this exciting presentation where you will learn what to expect in the up & coming data-sector trends.

Max Mether

Field CTO,

Max Mether is a Co-founder and Field CTO at MariaDB Corporation where he works to advance the MariaDB products and ecosystem. Before becoming Field CTO, Max ran the Professional Services team at MariaDB for a number of years.

Prior to co-founding MariaDB, Max worked with both training and consulting at MySQL and later at Sun Microsystems. Max is a frequent speaker at LinuxFests and other conferences around the globe. Originally from Finland where he reveived his Master of Science (Eng) in Physics and Math, Max now resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

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