Elastic SQL Database: Oxymoron or Emerging Reality?

Ariff Kassam, VP of Products, NuoDB

Tue. June 20, 2017 6:30pm
New York City
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Ariff Kassam

VP of Products, NuoDB

Elastic SQL Database: Oxymoron or Emerging Reality?

Advancements in application architectures, development processes, and storage have enabled organizations to take advantage of cloud benefits such as agility, elasticity, and scale-out across most layers of the infrastructure stack. But one key element - the database tier - has remained stubbornly difficult to modernize. Often, as organizations move toward container and cloud-based environments, they end up leaving their database, their SQL skillsets, expectations of transactional consistency, and sometimes even their precious data behind.

To address this problem, a new class of database - the elastic SQL database - has emerged. These solutions combine the ACID guarantees and SQL interface on which applications rely, while also allowing dynamic capacity management, continuous availability, multi-datacenter operation, and radical operational simplicity.

Join us to learn what makes an elastic SQL database an ideal solution for modern hybrid cloud applications.

We will have a live demonstration on how to take advantage of this technology to optimize your application for fast transactional responsiveness, continuous availability, and full-active database utilization, even across multiple clouds, data centers, or hybrid environments.

We will cover:

  • Why the need for an elastic SQL database
  • What can you do with one and best use cases for an elastic SQL database
  • Examples of how an elastic SQL database works
  • Benefits of optimizing/configuring for:
    • fast application data access
    • continuous availability
    • deployment across data centers

Ariff Kassam

VP of Products,

Ariff is responsible for defining and driving NuoDB's product strategy. Ariff brings 20 years of database and infrastructure experience to NuoDB to help the company achieve its vision of a global database that can manage an organization's most valuable data while exploiting the emerging benefits of modern infrastructures such as cloud and containers.

Prior to NuoDB, Ariff held senior leadership positions at Teradata, xkoto, and Halcyon Monitoring Solutions.

As Teradata's Vice President, Unified Data Architecture Platform, he was responsible for the strategy and product management of Teradata's UDA-enabling software solutions. Ariff was also responsible for guiding Teradata's strategy and investments to achieve the company's analytical ecosystem vision.

Based in Boston, Ariff holds a B.A. Sc. in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a M. Sc. in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto.

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